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02-03 Feb 2019       SHARPENING YOUR TOOLS w/ Dr. Ron Morris                 Zurich, Switzerland

19 Jane 2019               ALIGNMENT & AIRFLOW                                                          Manchester, UK

18 Nov 2018               PRACTICAL PHYSIOLOGY                                                        Manchester, UK

6-7 Oct 2018            SAFEGUARDING HIGH-INTENSITY SINGING                   Colchester, UK

29-30 Sept 2018      INTERPRETATION & PERFORMANCE w/Barb Jungr        Manchester, UK   

22-24 June 2018      CCM TEACHER TRAINING RETREAT w/ Kim Chandler     Hebden Bridge, UK

26 May 2018              GETTING HANDS ON - Palpation Skills for Assessment       Manchester, UK

18-19 Feb. 2018         SHARPENING YOUR TOOLS w/ Dr. Ron Morris                  Manchester, UK

27 January 2018         PRIMAL SOUND IN CCM for AOTOS                                    Newcastle, UK

20 January 2018        BACK TO BASICS - Teachers' Refresher Day                          Manchester, UK

18 November 2017     VOICE CLINICS & PERFORMERS for BAPAM                   London, UK

11 November 2017      THE FREEDOM TO YELL - Healthy Belting                            Manchester, UK

28-29 Oct. 2017       ACCENT METHOD FOR SINGERS w/ Linda Hutchison     Manchester, UK

16-17 Sep. 2017          TEACHER TRAINING RETREAT w/ Kim Chandler                Marbella, Spain

12-14 July 2017           REHABILITATING THE INJURED SINGER w/ Sue Jones   Leeds, UK

8-9 April 2017            PRACTIAL ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY                                Leeds, UK

Singing Teacher Training Retreat

Morning yoga at the 2018 CCM Teacher Training Retreat with Dane Chalfin and Kim Chandler