Is Your Vocal MOT Overdue?

A vocal MOT or vocal health check is essential for professional singers, actors, voice over artists, public speakers and other voice-users to ensure that they are in the best vocal health possible.
Time for a vocal tune up?

Your car gets a yearly MOT, emissions test or tune up, and it only gets you to your gig!

Are you investing as much in your actual money maker - your voice?

Is it time for your Vocal MOT?

A VOCAL MOT - What is it?

A Vocal MOT is usually a 60-90 minute session with a vocal coach who specialises in "vocal mechanics." Vocal mechanics include all-things-technical like alignment, breathing, vocal fold vibratory patterns, vocal tract and resonance tuning, articulation freedom, etc.

A Vocal MOT will test things like:

- resting muscle tension in areas that restrict the free movement of the vocal mechanism

- your habitual alignment especially in the neck, torso and pelvis

- your current performance breathing and support strategies

- flexibility in vocal fold vibratory patterns (M1, M2, M3, etc.)

- efficient resonance tuning strategies like vocal tract shaping and vowel tuning

- freedom in the tongue, jaw, palate and lips

- your current total range

- ability to move between different "vocal gears" or voice qualities

- your ability to change dynamics

A Vocal MOT will help you choose the right vocal tools and vocal techniques to get your voice into peak performance condition.
Choosing the right tools to tune up the voice

Once your tests are complete it's time to choose your tools.

Your Vocal MOT should help you identify any tricky tension that needs to be released, any restriction of movement in your range or dynamics, and any other specific training needs you may have to stay in peak performance condition.

You and your coach can then design a training regimen that suits your lifestyle, your professional needs and your budget. Most of my clients have an MOT once a year and then come for a handful of coaching sessions, either every two weeks or once a month to ensure that they stay "match fit."

My job is to ensure that my clients get really good at coaching themselves technically, and stay in great performance condition without the need to see me regularly. They continue to work with amazing style and musicianship coaches, producers, and rep coaches; but when it comes to technique and taking care of themselves I keep them covered and a Vocal MOT is an essential part of that service.

Regular vocal technique coaching will keep you in peak vocal performance condition.
Are you in peak performance condition?


If you stay ready, you never have to get ready!

Want to book a Vocal MOT? Check out I see clients in London and Manchester at my studios or online via Skype/Facetime for clients worldwide.

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