Quick Fire Questions

Originally published March 1, 2014 on www.voicecouncil.com (when I had hair!)

Dane Chalfin is a top London vocal coach

Dane Chalfin’s clients have included labels such as Sony, Universal and Columbia — and artists such as Courtney Love, Hurts, Everything Everything and Delphic.

He is also is the first contemporary vocal coach in Britain with an official National Health Service post as Vocal Rehabilitation Coach in a Specialist Voice Clinic.

He has served two-terms as a director of the British Voice Association and was Professor of Vocal Rehabilitation.

Where do most singers mess up with vocal health? Too much focus on it.

Intriguing. Tell us more… Singers can get too psychologically involved in things like the perfect warm-up, diet, room temperature, water, teas, potions, etc. I’ve heard it all. If one little thing isn’t perfect they believe they can’t sing. The human voice is incredibly robust and will tolerate an awful lot before surrendering.

Favorite Album? Songs of Faith and Devotion by Depeche Mode.

Best advice someone ever gave you about performing? Get primal.

Top recording tip? Get primal.

…what do you mean? We are born making a lot of different dynamic noises. It’s only through socialization that we lost touch with our primal sounds like crying out, yelling and screaming. Thankfully the loss is only temporary and we can get back to those instinctive, reflexive sounds quickly and easily. They form the bedrock of all healthy singing.

The perfect (or a favorite) live mic for you/your students? Shure Beta 58.

The perfect (or a favorite) recording mic for you/your students? Too many…

Hero? Grandfather.

Villain? Me.

What drains your batteries? Needy people.

What charges them? Reaching summits.

Worst singing advice you ever heard? “Keep your larynx down”.

Your biggest performance blunder? Misspeaking on live radio.

Reveal all! I was discussing the similarities between yelling and belting and called them “Belling and Yelting”. It was a silly mistake but I’m not once to mince my words so it’s stuck with me.

What’s different about a vocalist vocation today compared to 20 years ago? Live tuning.

Vocalists who inspire? Dave Gahan, Robert Smith, Scott Walker, Guy Garvey.

Bad thing to say to a venue manager? “Give me…”

Good thing to say to a venue manager? “Please may I…”

Favorite quote about singing? Get primal. - Dane Chalfin lol