Voice disorders can be primarily muscular or a secondary symptom of things like organic lesions (cysts, polyps, nodules, etc.) or psychological/emotional issues. 

Singers Voice Clinic for help with nodules, polyps, cysts and muscle tension dysphonia

A Vocal Rehabilitation Coach works as part of a multidisciplinary Voice Clinic Team that will include a Laryngologist, Speech Therapist, and sometimes a Physiotherapist/Osteopath and Psychologist. Vocal Rehabilitation can take place at various stages of recovery including pre/post-operatively, or alongside or just after Speech Therapy. A Vocal Rehabilitation Coach will often be present in a Specialist Singers Voice Clinic and contribute to the initial assessment. 

Vocal Rehabilitation will focus on things like stretch and release of vocal tract tension, physical alignment, improving performance breathing habits, vocal fold function and vocal tract shaping. Vocal Rehabilitation usually lasts between 8-12 sessions that vary in frequency. Once Vocal Rehabilitation is complete the performer is then passed back to their usual singing teacher/vocal coach if they have one.  Some performers will qualify for financial assistance for Vocal Rehabilitation from Help Musicians UK.

Vocal Rehabilitation Studio for singers with a vocal injury like nodules, polyps, cysts, sulcus, or mucle tension imbalance or dyshponia.
Nasendoscoy for singer in a voice clinic to examine the singer's vocal folds and vocal tract for disorders or injuries like nodules, polyps, cysts, sulcus, muscle tension dyshphonia or poor singing technique.

To be a Vocal Rehabilitation Coach a practitioner should meet certain competencies that guarantee they have the experience and expertise required to work with disordered voices. The British Association for Performing Arts Medicinehas a set of competencies that must be met in order to be included on their Practitioner Directory. It is unlikely that singing teachers who do not meet these competencies will have all the required skills and experience to help repair a disordered voice. 

As one of the most highly-experienced Vocal Rehabilitation Coaches in the UK, I can help ensure that you get the very best care available from ENT, SLT, Physio/Osteo, Psychology and Vocal Rehabilitation. You can book your initial consultation with me here

*Please note that I mainly work with professional performers. If you are a student or hobbyist I am happy to see you for an initial assessment then refer you on to the most appropriate practitioners for your needs. 

"Vocal rehabilitation is a truly multidisciplinary endeavour, with crucial contributions from laryngologists and speech therapists.  A central member of this team is the Vocal Rehabilitation Coach who is uniquely placed between the medical clinicians and the performers to carry the scientific aspects of vocal treatment into the performance practice.  It is critical that these coaches are well schooled in vocal anatomy, physiology, pathology and rehabilitation; this schooling should be assessed with a series of measurable competencies to ensure that they are providing the best possible care."  

- Mr. Declan Costello – Consultant Laryngologist

One-to One Vocal Rehabilitation