Like any athletic pursuit, singing and performance voice require highly-sophisticated sets of interactions between several muscular systems in the whole body. And like any athlete, a vocal performer needs to continually train to keep these systems working together in harmony and at peak performance level.


Some voice-users think that they are born with a voice and that voice just "does what it does." Others think that the limited training they received at uni/drama school is enough to carry them through a whole career. Nothing could be further from the truth. Any voice can be developed, stretched, honed and taught new tricks. Whether you want to extend your range, build power, develop flexibility, or explore new vocal sounds - the key is muscular development. 

Together we can develop your alignment, core stability, respiratory support, registers, resonance and articulation easily and incrementally, giving you a new set of achievable goals and bespoke practice regimes in each session.  Most people do not require a lesson every week. Once you know what to do and how to do it you are totally in control of your own development and should only need occasional guidance.

Dane Chalfin Vocal Studio in Manchester for professional singers who want expert voca coaching
Dane Chalfin top leading UK vocal coach and singing teacher for pop rock and west end singer who want singing lesson or vocal coaching in London or Manchester

Whether you are training for a big audition or performance; recording or preparing for a tour; or just keeping yourself vocally fit, the key to lasting success is working with someone who has a holistic understanding of the whole vocal mechanism and the demands of the industry. In addition to my work with NHS and private voice clinics I regularly work with developing and established artists, West End and touring shows, and for tv programmes. You can book your initial consultation here.  


*Please note that I mainly work with professional performers. If you are a student or hobbyist I am happy to see you for an initial assessment then refer you on to the most appropriate practitioners for your needs. 

“I’ve worked closely with Dane for well over a decade. We run courses together, we share clients, we talk incessantly about things “vocal”. There are few people I would implicitly trust in this way, but he is one of them, and there are few people who can do what he does at the level that he does it. He’s a one-of-a-kind, highly effective, highly-regarded practitioner who is more than worthy of his clients’ investment. His track record, results and long waiting list are testament to this."

- Kim Chandler, Top Vocal Coach and Session Singer

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