Here is what you'll need to get the most out of your online coaching.



Phones and tablets don't work very well for online coaching.

Zoom will also let you record your session if you connect via a computer. This feature is not available on phones/tablets.

We can work via phone or tablet, but it may reduce the quality of your experience.

ethernet cable.jpg

Ethernet Cable

To connect straight to your broadband router.


WiFi can be too unstable for online coaching and often creates latency and sound issues.


Ethernet cables come in lots of lengths so you can work from any room, not just where your router is.


You'll also need an ethernet to USB (or USB-C) adapter to connect to your computer.


External Mic

Computer mics aren't usually good enough for online coaching.


I recommend the Blue Yeti mic or any similar USB or home recording mic.

Speakers are less of an issue regarding sound quality, but depending on your computer, you may also need to use headphones to prevent echo and other sound issues.


Updated Zoom

Zoom updates its software regularly - sometimes weekly!


You'll need to update your Zoom before every session to advantage of their ever-improving audio updates.

Older versions don't have the updated sound menus, and if sound issues arise in your session, having the latest versions means I can help you troubleshoot more easily.

Screenshot 2021-01-19 at 14.18.26.png

Audio Settings

Make your audio settings in Zoom look like this!

(The stars are there for illustration - you won't see them in Zoom)